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Third Party Logistics

Anyone can store inventory and send it out on a truck. When looking to outsource all or part of a company’s logistics function it is important to look for a third party logistics provider with proven expertise. To put it simply, third party logistics or "3PL" is the integration of a company’s warehousing, transportation, and related logistics services through an outsourced or "third party" partnership. S3PL provides its clients with powerful logistics solutions involving people, technology and location working together to provide integrated, full service supply chain management at nominal cost.

S3PL Distribution has provided quality logistics services since 1995. We operate warehousing and distribution facilities with comprehensive 3PL services; supply chain efficiency, customer satisfaction and brand value growth coming together to benefit you. When S3PL effectively bridges the gap between your goods and your customers, we call it “The Triple Win.”

S3PL specializes in crafting efficient and cost effective logistics solutions customized to client specific needs. This allows you to focus on core competencies and receive a logistical advantage over the competition through the use of S3PL professional third party logistics services.

Advantages of Third Party Logistics include:

  • Allows flexibility to expand and contract inventory levels
  • Enhanced technology and supply chain visibility
  • Improved customer service offerings
  • Allows companies to focus on core competencies
  • A more strategic and scientific approach to logistics challenges
  • Lower or eliminate capital expenditures associated with equipment and facilities.
  • We provide multiple logistics services for use by customers. These services are integrated or “bundled” together. We facilitate the movement of parts and materials from the suppliers to manufacturers, and finished products from manufacturers to distributors and retailers. Among the services which we provide are transportation, warehousing, cross-docking, inventory management and freight forwarding.

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